Buyer’s Checklist For Purchasing Property in Sydney’s Inner West

Looking for an ideal house can be exhausting

Throughout an entire suburb, what should you do to find your ideal house quickly? Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to find anything instantly but, there is a way to ease the journey of your dream house hunting. Since every suburb and every house has its own pros and cons, what you should be doing is making a checklist for what are you looking for inside your desired property.

What type of property are you looking for?

Even before you find out your optimum budget level, you should know what exactly you are looking for. Are you a newly-wed couple thinking about moving in a tiny, cozy, easily-manageable house? Are you someone who is just entering the real estate world? Or, are you just a one man band trying to save their costs and expenses by desiring a small, one-room apartment? Whatever it is, you should have the exact idea of who you are and what should you be looking for. This will make your journey extremely easy as anything that sets you off in a property according to your checklist will be marked with a big “No!” and will allow you to instantly move forward.

What type of area suits you the best?

We see very often that buyers star t “drooling” when they see some of Sydney Inner West’s irresistibly seductive areas. Do not let the beauty fool you, you are not here to look for attractiveness but rather for what suits you the best. Before buying a property, it is of utmost importance to consider whether you want it away or near a commercial area. If you are a student, is your university going to require a long, frustrating walk every single day? What if you run out of bread & butter, will you have to fetch a taxi every single time or are you fine with walking a mile or two? It all depends on your preferences. You must have a crystal clear picture of the things you want near your property and the things that you don’t want near your property such as you might want to leave away in peace.

Does it just look good or is it actually?

Many times new buyers, out of uncontrollable excitement, buy their desired property at an optimum budget level only to find out at the end that the property is full of faults which require repairs that are worth beyond your financial condition.

For some, home is probably the biggest investment you will make and an investment that can either be for you or against you since it’s definitely not going to be easy to buy a new property and do all the shifting process again. Therefore, it’s crucial to do all the required inspections of the house and see if everything is working fine. If something is wrong, get it written in the contract that it has to be fixed before you buy the property. In addition, make sure to get your contract checked by a solicitor if you are choosing to buy a property at an auction.

Do not ignore these factors

Can you imagine getting disturbed several times every night by a frustratingly loud noise? You absolutely cannot! So what if your property resided under a flight path or near a busy road? What if the neighborhood was generally a noisy area? What if you lived in front of a crazy park where children would constantly shout? What if your property cannot get enough of sunshine to light it up?

These are some of the factors which should be deal breakers for you. Do not compromise when it comes to your comfort level. As we mentioned above, for some, getting a property is the biggest investment.

How much is fair?

The first and foremost part is to make and write down all the preferences we have mentioned above. Secondly, compile all your preferences and start your house hunting. It may be that you find a perfect property that meets all your requirements but its price is way above your budget or it may even be the opposite in case of hidden faults in the house.

The point is, do not stop looking for similar properties until you think you have found the one which is as closest to your preferences as possible.

What to do if you keep failing?

DO NOT GIVE UP. This is what you should do. Buyers become discouraged when they are unable to find their desired property. Just keep looking and never settle down.

If you want to make it easier for yourself, get the help of a trusted agent as they are also aware of off-market sales by sellers who are just looking to quietly get done with everything.

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